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Molly Spence
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You may read the newspaper articles that young writers make for the school newspaper, and you may even genuinely enjoy reading them. But have you ever considered writing for the newspaper?


I and many other students enjoy writing and enjoy being a part of school activities. One way you can be a part of school activities is by writing for The Stinger. There are many topics you can write about…


You can write for the sports section. A main part of writing for the sports section is writing on upcoming sports events, overviews of games that have already occurred, and hot topics in school sports.  The sports section is a great section to write about even if you’re not in sports. You get to go to the game and just be a part of events watch the game and hang out with friends while taking notes and photos. The people who write for the sports section are great and really do a great job.

Another section you can write about is features. The features section is usually about upcoming events in the school and an overview of what happened at events. A great part about writing in the features section is that you get to interview people who were at that specific event and get to learn more about the school events. You can also meet so many new people while writing for the features section, even though it’s not like you don’t get that same opportunity in the other sections, this section is just one where you get to meet the most people. Overall, the features section is a more social section for you to join if you are interested in school events.

The news section is another section. Like the features and sports section, you write about recent events, hot topics in the school, and well news as the name infers. It may not be as in-depth as the features or sports, but it’s still just as great and beneficial as the features and sports. You still get to meet new people in interviews and learn more about what the school has to offer. Another section with great people writing for it. 

One section that is different from the previous sections is the opinion section. It’s an excellent way to get the opinions of other people who share the same opinion as you, or share a different opinion than you and just meet new people. It’s also a great way to express yourself through your own opinions on school topics or just general topics and feel heard. In the end, opinion articles are another option, if you choose to write for the school newspaper.

The last, and certainly not the least, Is the performing arts section. This section is important especially if you want to get more into performing arts in school and stage work. The way to explain it is that the performing arts section is all about upcoming productions, choir and band-related things, as well as an explanation of what happened and the opinion of the viewers. You can also write about the marching band and upcoming events in marching band. It’s a great way to get more involved with performing arts without doing it if you have a problem with stage fright.

All the sections are really great and are really supportive, if you ever need help, the editors will always be able to help you and respond to questions as soon as possible. All the sections get you up and out of your seats, and more involved in the school, and get you to make friends if you’re not so social. So what are you waiting for? You can always pop in on the days we have our meetings, and get started.

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Olivia Buford, Writer
Hi, my name is Olivia Buford, I haven't really been involved in clubs before, but I have done swimming. I want to be a part of the newspaper staff because I enjoy writing. I hope to have something I write to be published.
Molly Spence
Molly Spence, Assistant Editor
"Remember there is good in this world, and bad, and ugly." -Unknown Welcome to The Stinger! My name is Molly Spence, I am a class of 2026 sophomore student and the assistant editor for The Stinger. I am involved in the Newspaper, Marion Center Marching Band as part of the color guard, Athena Club, United Way, and Plumville Belles as a majorette and assistant coach. When I'm not here at school, I am with my ducks. I have two ducks that mean the world to me. I love ducks, they're an important part of my life. This is my second year in Newspaper, and second year as assistant editor. I have been in ATHENA for two years and am currently one of the secretaries for the club. By being a part of The Stinger, I want to make everyone's voice heard and leave no one behind, because after all, we, Marion Center high school students, are all in this together.
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