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Should High School start later?

Audrey Farmery, Photographer December 6, 2023

Should High School start later? It has been a question that recently a lot of people have been thinking about. Psychologists have studied all different age groups of people, and knowing that teenagers...

Is Social Media Taking Over?

Faith Jenkins, Writer December 6, 2023

In today's world, everyone is on social media.  Everyone is doing something. Anytime. Anywhere. There’s always something going on. Social media is making people less social.  Social media has harmed...

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Book Review: Keeper of the Lost Cities

Abigial Abd, Writer December 6, 2023

Did you enjoy the Harry Potter series? What about the Percy Jackson books? If you’ve been searching for the next great fantasy series, it’s here! Keeper of the Lost Cities, a series by Shannon Messenger...

Should we bring back field trips for educational purposes?

Should we bring back field trips for educational purposes?

Lexi Bias, Writer and Photographer November 15, 2023

Ever since Covid-19 hit, schools stopped having educational field trips. Regardless of where you were going, class field trips were always something to look forward to. Most of us can still remember our...

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Book Review: The Shadow Children Sequence

Abigail Abd, Writer November 15, 2023

Do you love to read? What about dystopian fiction? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you should consider reading this thrilling series by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  The Shadow Children...

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Should I join The Stinger?

Olivia Buford, Writer November 15, 2023

You may read the newspaper articles that young writers make for the school newspaper, and you may even genuinely enjoy reading them. But have you ever considered writing for the newspaper?   I...

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Should College Be Free and Easier to get into?

Molly Spence, Assistant Editor November 8, 2023
College is an option for students after high school, the same with technical schools, or just going into the workforce. College is costly, especially if it's a well-known school or an Ivy League College. Ivy League Colleges are private research universities, they are Harvard (Massachusetts), Brown University (Rhode Island), Columbia University (New York), Dartmouth College (New Hampshire), the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania), Princeton University (New Jersey), and finally, Yale University (Connecticut). College is also very selective. 
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More pajama days, should they be allowed?

Lexi Bias, Writer and Photographer November 8, 2023

Students are filled with so much joy when they realize there is a pajama day coming up. They can come to school and be comfortable all day, which gives them motivation to attend school. If we are expected...

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IXL Keep it or Drop it?

Olivia Buford, Writer November 8, 2023
I know a lot of students, including myself, dread hearing that there is an IXL we need to do. Should we continue to use IXL, or should we drop it, and use another learning tool?
The crowding of the cafeteria, but this isnt even half of it.

The Quick Switch From Three to Two Lunches

Lexi Bias, Writer and Photographer November 1, 2023

Due to the previous class sizes, we have always had three different lunch periods. This ensured adequate seating for everyone and the lunch lines didn’t get too long. This year, everything changed. We...

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Is Homework Beneficial?

Abigial Abd, Writer November 1, 2023

Most likely, you have something in common with many kids around the world: Every day you go to school. You work hard all day completing assignments and come home, only to face a huge pile of homework....

Taken by students of ICTC

Should I go to ICTC?

Lexi Bias, Writer and Photographer November 1, 2023

According to their website, The Indiana County Technology Center is a regional technology center that provides students with industry-certified technical and academic-enriched career programs. The school...

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