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Roses for Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is here! Everyone’s favorite flower during this time is the rose, but do you know there are different meanings behind each color of roses? Roses are used on many occasions like weddings, reunions, holidays, and others. There are so many different colors of roses so here are some of the top rose color meanings you should probably know before you get that special person some roses for the upcoming holiday. 

Yellow rose meaning: The meaning of this rose in the past was jealousy or infidelity, nowadays we see the rose as a symbol of friendship and strength. You can get a yellow rose for your friends to make their day. 

Blue rose meaning: A blue rose means some mystery and uniqueness. The color blue also symbolizes wisdom or inspiration. It also means trust openness and love. Anyone in your life would love the gift of a blue rose. 

Black rose meaning: The black rose doesn’t have a very sunny meaning. It stands for death and the loss of a relationship. You can use the black roses for when you lose a loved one in your life or at a funeral.

Pink rose meaning: Pink roses have many different meanings for example, you can use these roses to symbolize gratitude and gratefulness. They can also represent your desires and any dreams you might have for the future. Typically you would give the gift of a pink rose to a loved one for their birthday or anniversary and lots of different kinds of happy occasions. 

Orange rose meaning; These roses symbolize light, joy, and happiness in someone’s life. Orange roses can be connected to charm or enthusiasm. Orange roses are very hard to come by but a friend that needs to be lifted would love to be surprised with the beauty of an orange rose. 

Red rose meaning: This is everyone’s go-to rose color. It’s the most popular rose for Valentine’s Day because it represents love and warmth from a partner or a loved one. It can also symbolize passion, beauty, courage, and respect. Your lover or soulmate could never frown with a red rose in their presence. 

White rose meaning: White roses give the feeling of innocence and purity. They also symbolize young love and/or eternal love. With the meaning of the white rose they are great gifts for your significant other.

Green rose meaning: The green rose gives the illusion of energy and growth of a new beginning end green roses to a new mother or someone that’s getting a fresh start in life. The color green signifies the balance of nature they also can be known for the renewal of someone’s spirit inside of them. 

Purple rose meaning: This rose is majestic it gives out the meaning of royalty and majesty. You can give a gift of purple roses when you look up to that person and that person is one of the most important people in your life. These flowers are shown for long-term relationships it can either used in romantic or family situations.

Now that you have some insight into the different colors of roses and their meanings, you can be sure to get everyone the right kind of rose based on how you feel about them. Have a happy Valentine’s Day from the Stinger Staff!

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