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Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings


Astrology has been around since the 3rd millennium, but do you know what it means, or do you know what each sign means? Astrology is the study and belief of how the stars moon and sun affect people’s lives daily. People believe that the sun moon and stars can predict your everyday life and even your future. It all depends on your birthday and everything that goes along with it. Twelve different Zodiac signs go with astrology. Each sign goes with specific dates and wherever your birthday falls is your zodiac sign. 

 Aries:( March 21–April 19)- This is the first sign because Aries loves to be number one. Aries is a fire sign and can be very competitive at times. Its ruling planet is Mars and its colors are red. They tend to have rising energy levels and are very passionate. They are natural-born leaders and love to stick out in a crowd. You will find an Aries person in big crowds with lots of people. The symbol is a ram. 

Taurus: (April 20–May 20)- Taurus is the Earth sign and is represented by a bull. They are powerful and love to be relaxing on the beach listening to the waves or in the rain forest hearing the rain come down with soothing sounds. Their ruler is the planet Venus, you can describe Venus with the adjectives boring, bright, glorious, and lonely.

 Gemini: (May 21–June 21)- The Zodiac color is yellow which symbolizes that these people are very bright and energetic. Their element is air, which allows for freedom and a free spirit. This person’s personality would be very clever and smart, they tend to be very noisy but you will always be enlightened when you have a Gemini around. 

 Cancer:(June 22–July 22)- This is the fourth sign in astrology and it is ruled by the Moon.  It’s represented by the crab and it’s a cardinal water sign. They can be very nurturing and mother-like. They can be sensitive and occasionally insecure. These people have a good sense of humor and will always make you laugh.

 Leo: (July 23–August 22)- In astrology, Leo’s element is fire and is ruled by the sun. Their personality traits are very loyal you can trust them with anything. They are very caring and compassionate. They are confident with themselves and others but tend to get jealous on occasion. These people tend to have a wild side and love to party. 

 Virgo: (August 23–September 22)- Virgos tend to be problem solvers and good at technology-based work ethics. Earth is their element and they are ruled by the plate Earth. Virgos are fast thinkers but they can be under a lot of stress trying to try and do things early. These people don’t like to try new things and are not the best at making new friends. 

 Libra: (September 23–October 23)- These people are great at making friends and love trying new things. Their symbol is scales because they like to maintain the balance of people and nature. They are very loud and creative people. There will never be a dull moment with a Libra around. They are ruled by the planet Venus and are well known for their beauty and acts of kindness. 

Scorpius: (October 24–November 21)- Scorpios have two diffrent plantes that rule, Mars and Pluto. Their element is water. These people like to be independent and don’t like working with others. They love to live on the edge and take lots of risks.  They seem to get attached very easily and sometimes they can be secretive. 

Sagittarius: (November 22-December 21) This sign belongs to the fire element and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. These people love to laugh and always put others before them to make sure there happy and healthy before checking on themselves first. These people may be boastful sometimes but in a very friendly way. 

Capricornus  (December 22–January 19)- The element for this sign is the Earth their ruling planet is Saturn. These people are very hard-working and ambitious they make sure everything is perfect and all their work is done right and done on time. They may be persistent and stubborn but they are very honest and organized. 

Aquarius: (January 20–February 18) This sign belongs to the element air and is ruled by the planet Uranus these people are crafty and artistic. They are independent but will get emotionally attached to people and things. They can be extreme but they are very easygoing at the same time. 

Pisces (February 19–March 20) Pisces belongs to the element of water and their ruling planet is Neptune. These people are very deeply emotional but can be very loving and charming. It is easy for them to make friends but tend to get mad and annoyed by the littlest things. They worry about the future and have lots of negative overthinking. 



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