Are You Connected?


You can’t play the dino game, just so you know.

Molly Spence, Assistant Editor

Are You Connected?

Written By: Molly Spence

The Wi-Fi here in Marion Center was decent, but recently it’s gotten much worse. Granted, we live in a rural area, and so service, I’m not going to lie, is pretty off and on depending on the network provider you have. Ever since the hacking of the school’s website, the wifi has drastically downgraded. Maybe it’s the sudden surge in Chromebook usage during the last couple of weeks of school. Maybe it’s the warmer temperatures? Whatever it is, something is not working right.

The lack of wifi in a school where we promote tech use as much as possible from Chromebooks to desktop computers in classrooms, can create stressful situations. If we can’t do our work online in our classes, then how are we supposed to pass? We cannot control the wifi but certainly, we can make some changes. While some classes rely solely on paper and others rely solely on Chromebooks and those who have a mix of both, all of which have struggles. Printing all that paper kills the trees, constantly being on the Chromebooks weakens the wifi, which is almost not existent at this point, and those who use a mix of both, have both of those struggles.

While we can connect to the internet, many times it doesn’t work. And since it won’t work, our Chromebooks are very slow and it’s really hard to get things done. I think either we should cut down on the use of the internet or we should invest in higher quality internet access so we can do our work properly and more efficiently. And so I’ll pose the question, what do you think about the school wifi?